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Increase web presence with advertising!

For a lot of people understanding the best approach to marketing/advertising can be daunting. I aim to make this as simple as possible and will set this up for you.

What I do is transparent so you truly understand exactly what costs are and where you stand with those costs.

Often I hear people say I'm paying e.g $300 for Adwords, hmmm are you? But what is the monthly management fees? Yes you will be charged a fee from your web company to manage this so you often find you may only be paying e.g. $180 for Adwords and e.g. $120 management fee.
This is where I want my clients to know exactly what you get and what you pay for so I separate out your Adwords budget for a small maintenance fee. So your budget for Adwords is what you get in Adwords and you know what it is costing you.

What is my maintenance fee for: While it's fine to have Adwords it's pointless unless you work it to get the best bang for your buck and what I do apart from manage it I also analyse all the data for your Adwords and make tweaks/changes to maximise your presence.
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